Descriptive Essay About My First Dog

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The date is January 12th 2000. I awake to the sound of my dad shouting from outside to come help him. Standing there in his hands was a slender 20 gallon glass aquarium and inside a environment setup for none other than a leopard gecko. Little did I know this moment would change my life forever and kick off a long journey of pet ownership. Placing this terrarium on a nightstand by my bed, I can see this sleek yet chubby highlighter of a lizard looking back at me I gave her the name Aphrodite and in this moment I came to one realization: I am responsible for the life of this animal. Like many others when first tasked with a first pet, I learned perhaps the most important lesson of responsibility. While my dad occasionally helped here and there,…show more content…
While I was greatly filled with happiness at the time this quickly turned to ashes in my mouth as one morning i awoke to find her lying like a stone surrounded by splatters of red covering every crevice in her terrarium. She had died the previous night because of sand impaction. Which could have been easily avoided if i was more attentive to her care. This was a rather dire situation for a 9 year old to go through however, on the bright side it showed just how important it is to stay on top of everything. While newfound responsibility is a rather large aspect to the benefits pet ownership can have as a kid, it is not the only…show more content…
While these effects of simply owning a animal are profound, it is understandable why. Unlike a majority of humans, animals provide non judgemental support. Sure, there are times and certain matters that require another person's opinion but it is hard to argue coming home and playing with a pet isn’t a massive booster in mood. Pets not only boost mental health and provide comfort but also improve overall health as

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