Descriptive Essay About My Grandfather

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A veteran, a nurse, a father figure. These are all words that can be chosen to speak about my grandfather. He is a man that exemplifies many traits and ideas to me, a happy marriage, hard-working, caring. He is a man who is the closest thing I’ve had to a father. My grandfather had a long history in the air force, where he would be sent to places that needed work and would get them up to code. He went on to work at a place to organize prisons, and then he went to work as the charge nurse of emergency at Stormont Vail, where he is now the charge nurse of surgery there. Before all of this, at one point, he wanted to be a Methodist preacher. A couple of years ago he got his doctorate, so he’s a doctor now, and we 're all proud of him. He is my mother 's father, and he means a lot to me. To begin my grandfather is a heavyset man around 5’6 with dark hair that is readily turning grey, the hairstyle has been the same since the 70’s (except for the time in the 80’s where he had a perm) and has pretty much always had a mustache. This is all paired with bright green eyes and a smile that he always seems to wear, with some few exceptions. He has kind of a large nose. He wears mainly a t-shirt and jeans if going out, but to work, he wears polo’s, button downs, and a pair of nice shoes. If you ask him how he looks he says “he’s a short, fat old man.” and I respond “you look fine old man” and he just laughs in response. Personality Wise he is a gossip. He gossips at work, and with my

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