Descriptive Essay About My Hair

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It seemed like a day after seating for two hours on the beauty salon. Imagining it makes me laugh. A small nine-year-old girl, sitting on top of cushions on a very high chair, with a mountain of tint-foils in her head. It burned, it itched and its citrusy smell got me dizzy, but my dream was coming true. I convinced my mom of getting a “keratina”. I finally got rid of that poofy hair I had. Before my “keratina”, I remember standing in the mirror for hours complaining on my hair. “Entre más lo criticas peor. Empieza a decir que es lindo para que veas como cambia”, my mom used to say; and she still does. It is the classic motherly attempt to make children feel better. However, I always knew that nothing would ever make me feel better than getting rid of the thick jumping springs I had as hair. My mom always tells me how, when she found out she was expecting a girl, she asked God for a “rizitos de oro”. She disliked her common straight hair, so her dream was to have a daughter with curls. Little did she know that, to me, my curls seemed like the exact opposite of pretty golden locks. If I let you see my photos from “maternal” or kindergarten, that means I really trust you. My mom made me wear a huge ribbon right in the middle of my head. I always say I looked like “la pequeña Lulu” from Charlie Brown. Obviously, in kindergarten, my hair was not an issue. But when I started growing up, I used to look at how all my friends’ hair was never messy, or at least as not as freezy as

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