Descriptive Essay About My Hometown

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My hometown is "Chinese Syracuse" Mudanjiang, where I, for which I have deep feelings, the memory of my childhood there, I grew up there, there in my heart.
During the long historical change, the ancient ancestors of the Mudanjiang valley were called different names because of the alternation of dynasties. In the period of Xia, Shang and Zhou, known as Su Shen, Shen Shen Ji and interest. In the Han, Wei and Jin Dynasties, Sushen renamed the yilou". The northern and Southern Dynasties, yilou people again called Wu ji. During the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Wu Ji again called Mohe Mohe nationality, was divided into seven tribes, the Ministry of Fonie ranking within the Mudanjiang and Zhang Guangcai Yeongdong Ning 'an, a treasure department in Suifenhe basin. The five generation of Mohe nationality was renamed Nuzhen, living in Mudanjiang basin in old Bohai known as the Jurchen border. To the Qing Dynasty Emperor Taizong ascended the throne after the name as "Manchuria", known as the Manchuria nationality, referred to as the Manchu in Mudanjiang basin, which is also known as the Manchu aborigines.
Mudanjiang southeast of the sea near Japan, 1000km apart. Due to the great thermal difference between the land and sea, the temperate monsoon climate in the marine (semi humid) type is formed. In the summer, the wind blows from the ocean to the land. It 's warm and rainy. In winter, the wind blows from the mainland to the ocean. It is cold and dry. Mudanjiang is located in the basin,

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