Short Essay On My Hometown Eulogy

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My hometown is "Chinese Syracuse" Mudanjiang, where I, for which I have deep feelings, the memory of my childhood there, I grew up there, there in my heart. During the long historical change, the ancient ancestors of the Mudanjiang valley were called different names because of the alternation of dynasties. In the period of Xia, Shang and Zhou, known as Su Shen, Shen Shen Ji and interest. In the Han, Wei and Jin Dynasties, Sushen renamed the yilou". The northern and Southern Dynasties, yilou people again called Wu ji. During the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Wu Ji again called Mohe Mohe nationality, was divided into seven tribes, the Ministry of Fonie ranking within the Mudanjiang and Zhang Guangcai Yeongdong Ning 'an, a treasure department in Suifenhe…show more content…
Northeast cuisine has always been to the golden color, a large quantity of food is known, Mudanjiang is located in the south of Heilongjiang Province, winter cold and dry, popular dishes for stew; two is the authentic Korean characteristics of delicacy. Because Mudanjiang is Chinese famous Korean nationality, so the local Korean restaurant is also more and more for the Korean people 's food, delicious authentic, reasonable price; three is the lake Jingbo feast. Visiting Lake Jingpo in Mudanjiang, an important program is to have a fish meal. Lake Jingpo is rich in aquatic products, rich in carp, called "Carp Lake", a big fat body, up to two or three pounds, the meat is tender and delicious, for cooking soup or sauce is delicious, the past has been as a royal tribute. Fine cuisine: Ao fish, carp, silver carp, red tail lake and other 40 kinds of fish, can not taste the most famous silk Jingbo carp. Such as: white blood sausage, chicken with mushroom, frozen tofu cabbage mushroom stew, very delicious. Such as: Bibimbap, rice cake, dog meat soup is very unique, Mudanjiang also has many local specialties, such as: white blood sausage, northeast stew, Lake Jingpo flavor fish feast, Jingbo carp silk, red tailed Lake Jingpo fried fish, make sure you see

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