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My hometown is Huhehaote in Inner Mongolia, a beautiful and rich place. Although it has a strong national flavor because of its special location, but It is the perfect combination of modernization and nationalization.
Huhehaote is Mongolian which means the city of cyan. It is said that in 1581 AD, the Mongolian Tumote department Alatahan led all department to Huhehaote now this place, see spread decided to settle here, the built walls are all made of Huhehaote is the north the mountain of Daqing on bluestone, from a distance have cyan, and so became known as the green city. Huhehaote located in the northwest of north China and the south area of mountain of Daqing, which is the capital of Inner Mongolia autonomous region, autonomous region is the political, economic, science and technology, culture and education center. It is a famous city which is inhabited by 36 ethnic groups, including han, manchu, hui and north Korea and so on. Because of various ethnic enclaves in the development, makes Huhehaote, a unique city, has its own unique culture and characteristics, history and modern total integration. The places of interest in Huhehaote can see various dynasties buildings, there are qing dynasty general Yamen and the western han dynasty tomb - ZhaoJun tomb, establish the Dazhao temple in the Ming dynasty, liao song period of the built thousands of hua yan The tower, the qing dynasty built halal Abbey, princess house etc. All of this reflect the unique characteristics of the

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