Descriptive Essay About My House

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The place is fairly hidden from plain sight. No street signs would pinpoint its exact location. If you look carefully a concrete driveway where lush green shrubs lined up on both sides that shows you the way in. The entire compound is elevated one meter above street level surrounded by a two-meter high, terracotta brick wall. The driveway leads to a huge dark walnut wood and wrought iron gate. On the right side of it is a small but similar wood and iron pedestrian gate. Upon entering the main gate, a strip of trimmed fruit trees stands along the left side of the perimeter wall. A structure sitting on the far right corner of the lot will catch your attention. It is a three-storey concrete house with no visible roof looming like a stack of Lego blocks made of lapis lazuli in a shade of deep Prussian blue; my humble abode. In front of my house is a 6 feet long, 5 feet wide and 8 feet high portico. Instead of the standard two pillars and a roof design, this portico is a row of ten simplified torii painted in bright vermilion red like the color of tomatoes. Hanging along the width of each torii are wind chimes of different sized cranes made of lightweight metal that play softly even with a breeze. The torii is covered by a translucent fiberglass roof, which allows subtle light to enter making the metallic crane wind chimes twinkle like stars. The portico is interconnected to a covered pergola on the right that goes all the way to the pedestrian gate. The walkway is also
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