Descriptive Essay About My Mother

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THE BODY My uncle and i were close. Me and him bonded we 've always hung out ever since i was little. he was morend like a best friend than a uncle, he was immature for his age always joking never taking anything seriously. i saw him as more of a father than my actual dad. He was always there for me. It was 2:36 i was getting my gear together for my baseball game. we were gonna meet my uncle there he said he had something to do first. That 's when my mom got the call, her face whitened and all the blood drained. She looked at me and even before she said anything i knew something was wrong. “Nicolos your uncles in the hospital he 's been shot.” i felt cold and i could feel my heart rate increase i rushed to get my shoes on my mom got her purse and we raced across town to the hospital. “Where is he?” i asked my dad who was looking nervous and deeply troubled “they took him into surgery i don 't know how long it 'll be.” how long we waited i can 't say it felt like centuries passed then a doctor came up to us. “ he has metal close to his heart were gonna try to remove it in a few hours but i cant say its hit or miss at the moment, but he 's awake if you wish to see him.”my dad went in first with my mother. she soon came out “wait for your father then you can go in” she said sitting down looking sad although i think more for my sake. My father walked out looking more angry than sad. “don 't hug him ok” he said with a angry tone. i knew he 'd be drinking tonight. I walked into

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