Reflective Essay On 'The Untold Night'

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The Untold Story New hostel. New commencements. Oh boring clichéd phrases. Hit me with a dart or two if you want to but you are about to read something that will captivate your senses to the helm of the supernatural and the unfounded. Let’s call it a fortnight when the occurrences started to manifest themselves onto the residents. I was allotted Room 191. To be specific about the whereabouts, my room was situated on the first floor of the hostel to the extreme left corner of it. My lobby overlooked the forested area which would be around 500 steps from the façade of the building. I had a room to my left (number it Room 190) the left of which was a passageway which led to the washroom behind. Further to the left of the passageway was a line of rooms extending to around 70-80 meters of distance with a stairway in the middle and the replica of the left half continuing to the other corner. It was the longest, the largest and the oldest hostel on the campus. It happened to be the most rumored hostel where many uncanny incidents have taken place in the past. But, I didn’t care much. Headstrong as I was, I also suffered of having…show more content…
The window was right in line of my vision and I somewhat refrained from looking that way. Disapprovingly strange, I fell asleep. I jolted awake in my bed and opened the door to my room stepping into the lit corridor. It was foggy outside. Diwakar? Why is he strolling in the corridor at this hour? “Abhi toh paanch baj raha… go sleep brother” I said. He looked petrified, I could see the lights switched on in his room. I took him into his room and made him sit on the bed. Pouring a glass of water to him, I made him drink. His eyes were all red. “What happened?” I asked. “You look ill, didn’t sleep? Studying?” I couldn’t feel sorrier for the ECE guy, so much pressure these folks take

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