Descriptive Essay About New York City

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If you ask someone what place is the most iconic place to visit you would most certainly hear the marvelous city called New York City. Also known as, “The city that never sleeps." The city 's population has 8.4 million people, and was founded by a man named Peter Minuit ( The state is ranked top 2 as a global power city in the world! The city has many iconic parts of itself that no other city can live up to the hype of New York. New York city is the best place in the United States to plan a vacation trip because of its iconic scenery, monument, and lastly the delicious food.

New York has one of the best attractions a city can have. One of most popular tourist destination, is the Times Square. Times Square has been named the most instagrammed place ever, and it 's always busy at any time of the day. The streets of Time Square sell T-shirts with cheesy lines such as “I heart NYC” and other artististic souvenirs. The view of the scenery screams aesthetics because of lit billboards and screens of advertising. The famous event of the ball drop happens there every New Year 's Eve celebration. While others watch it on T.V, you can brag and tell your awesome personal experience about the ball drop. Another destination to look forward to is the Central Park. The park is a beautiful green visual scenery that is known as a popular landmark, no matter the weather Central park always has fun and exciting events. They even have a “race style scavenger
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