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New York is many cities in one. Most people think that New York has been explored in every corner and up to its smallest points but did you know that the big apple is filled with hidden gems and treasures that are yet to be explored.
So let’s take a tour around New York and look beyond hustle and bustle of the flashing skyline and skyscrapers and you will see New York’s beautiful spots that are hidden from most travelers.
New Yorker Hotel
The New Yorker Hotel is known to be the place where Nikola Tesla spend is final hours alone and in destitute with the pigeons. Tesla who is fondly known as the “man who invented the twentieth century” died right in Suite 3327 of this hotel. Despite, famously known for his AC Electricity patents and the Father
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Before it became a clock tower, it was once used as court house where court sessions were held. Unfortunately, it was destined to be torn down to make room for a new court house. But, a community preservationist, Margot Gayle, and writers like E. E. Cummings and Lewis Mumford formed a Committee to Get the Clock on Jefferson Market Courthouse Started which made the New York Public Library to convert the courthouse into a library. The building was declared National Landmark in 1977.
The Sphere
The Sphere is an architectural structure made by artist Fritz Keonig and it has survives the 9/11 attacks. These days, structure stands as a monument to the victims. The structure is originally located between the Twin Towers in Manhattan before the 9/11 attacks. After the attacks, it was stored at JFK airport and on March 11th, 2002, The Sphere was relocated to Battery Park. It is now the symbol of America's strength and resiliency.
Amid the busy streets and the concrete jungles, New York is a city filled with wonders. If you take a closer look, New York City is a place with a lot of surprises and these places mentioned above are just some of the beautiful spots you need to put in your itinerary when you visit the Big

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