Descriptive Essay About Nice Guy

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Definition of a “Nice Guy” Most men, young and old, have been subjected to or at least have heard the phrase “nice guys finish last.” So, what does that mean? Worst-case scenario, it means you have come to a realization that you will never be in a relationship with the girl you want. You will never be in a relationship with that girl because your chivalry that was intended to win a girlfriend only won you a friend. Too much courteousness will bring an opportunity, but also make you lose it. Timing is everything. In another scenario, you were luckier to have observed someone in that situation, and have realized that women have a tendency to go for the bad guy, in most cases. This brings us to two questions, (1) what are nice guys doing wrong, and (2) why are bad guys seen as finishing first?…show more content…
Everyone should strive to be nice, to do kind deeds for others, and make the world a better place. Sounds amazing right? Sounds too good to be true, because, it is. I noticed that as a young adult, women tend to go for the bad guys over the nice guy, even if they know how bad and nice they are! This is not because women prefer the bad guys over the nice. Rather, it is because when both arere given the same opportunity only one capitalizes on it, the bad guy more often than not. Women are complex creatures, they do not assess men solely on their characteristics, but also on their actions. Do they care if a guy is smart or not? Do they care if he looks good or not? Do they care if they are nice or not? Yes, they do care, but women also care about how each man interacts with them. You may be a smart man, but if the dumb man can be flirtatious and win a girl’s heart first, you lose. You may be good looking, but if the ugly guy can make a girl laugh and win her heart, you lose. Finally, you may be a nice guy, but if the bad guy acts on the opportunity to be with the girl first, you
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