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Olimje – a weekend of pleasures for the parents and the kids I have been returning to the village of Olimje ever since I was a little girl. My parents and I regularly visited Atomske toplice, now known as Terme Olimia (Wellness Orhidelia). Today, the village is one the most beautiful tourist places in Slovenia where everyone’s wishes are fulfilled, no matter how young or old you are. Most of all, Olimje is a place where all kinds of service providers are united in proudly promoting their village. In 2009, Olimje received a golden award for being the most beautiful village in Europe. We visited this little Slovenian village on a lovely June weekend. I packed my mum and my kid and booked two nights at Podčetrtek – we spent our first night at…show more content…
Chocolate factory Olimje - Syncerus Just a stone’s throw away, under Mount Rudnica, Syncerus - handmade production and sale of chocolate products awaits us. A chocolate lollipop in the pleasant shade of a tree might not be the most appropriate snack, but it is certainly the kids’ favourite. You will not have any problems in further exploration of Olimje. Don’t forget to buy some handmade pralines to take home. Chocolate delights are hard to resist 5. Witch’s cottage – A land of fairytales and imagination Take your kids for a walk through the forest and listen to streams tinkling and birds singing, explore the fairytale world together, and meet the favourite book characters of your youth, witches; and let your (not only your kid’s) imagination run wild. Read more about our adventure here: We are never too old for fairytales. In search of our favourite fairytale characters 6. Hlapon road train The road train is certainly an interesting way to get to know Olimje and its surroundings. This is especially true for kids, even though we have hired the train for business transfers, too. You can get all the information about the train ride at the reception of Hotel Breza, or by calling the number (+386) 41 392 091. The train goes in three

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