Descriptive Essay About Opera

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Tonight, was full of new experiences; I’ve never been to a choir concert or heard opera music sung live. In middle school, I was in choir for the sole purpose of getting out of gym class, but junior high choir was nothing like this. I assumed I’d go in, take my seat, be bored out of my mind for an hour or two, and then go back to my dorm room and crank out this paper. But, once again, was wrong. The music sung made me take a step back; I was left with wanting more and actually retreated back to my room to look up the professional operas these pieces came from. Tonight, was full of new experiences that were not as terrible as I anticipated. As the choir entered, we, the audience clapped until every performer was in their designated spots. The first piece performed was “Chorus of the Wedding Guests”, from Gaetano Donizetti’s opera, Lucia di Lammermoor. The accompanying piano started the ensemble with a happy and upbeat tune. Standing very proper and tall, the performers let out a much louder sound than I anticipated. The piece was of moderate pace and the sound the choir made sounded like it was coming from the gut. It was a very deep and whole sounding noise that flooded the chapel so much that I do not recall hearing the piano accompaniment again until the end of the piece. For some reason, I thought Arturo was the word for male solo in Italian, but then I realized it was just the name of the character in this particular opera. It was very much appreciated that they
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