Descriptive Essay: The Color Of Pink

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As long as I can remember, pink has been my favorite color. Not for any particular reason. I just always liked the way pink looked on my walls, on my nails, on my clothes, and on everything else I owned. But as I got older, I started to see a greater significance in the color; it became more than just something pretty to look at. Pink is one of the few colors, if not the only one, that almost always represents something beautiful in nature. Flowers, birds, and sunsets, just to name a few. Pink stands out from the other colors surrounding it, poking through a glimmer of hope. When I took my first look at the Sea of Galilee, I was awestruck by the pink reflecting from the sky to the sea below. It was by far the largest amount of pink I had ever seen in one place, and the amount of magnificence before my eyes was enough to momentarily take away my breath. The painted sky made me feel as if God had dipped his brush specifically with me in mind. As the sun tucked itself away for the evening, it left behind brushstrokes of beauty and wonder. The sand squished under my feet as I attempted a traverse towards the shore. The muck enough to rip the plastic from my flip flops. Expecting great things from such a well-known body of water, I was staggered to see something so simple. This so called “sea” was nothing more than a little…show more content…
Big enough I couldn’t swim across it. Big enough I couldn’t even row a boat across it. It was big enough to make me feel small, but it wasn’t big enough to make me feel insignificant. My life revolves around my Creator and the work He’s doing in my life, and standing here looking out at a place where he also stood gives new meaning to my life. The tourism in the country of Israel promoting the ability to “walk where Jesus walked” struggles to resonate in my heart. Fancy buildings, extravagant artwork, and ornate fixtures aren’t what make me think of Jesus, but looking out at the Sea of Galilee makes me think of

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