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My hometown is Qingdao, Its Lying on the south coast of the Shandong Peninsula, Qingdao is a city of picturesque red-tiled roofs nestled between green hills and blue sea. The mild climate, the bathing beach, and Mount Laoshan make Qingdao a popular health and holiday resort, particularly in summer when visitors come here in droves for sightseeing and escaping the heat. Qingdao is also an industrial city and a major foreign trade port. Its mineral water, wine, and excellent Tsingtao Beer are world-famous. Among the local arts and crafts, shell carvings are especially popular with tourists. ★An Important Coastal City in East China Qingdao is a key economic center and port city in China famous for its cultural heritage and picturesque scenery. Qingdao is one of China 's top ten economically dynamic cities and top ten business cities. It is the winner of the country 's "Entrepreneur 's Satisfaction Award". Qingdao is a national model for environmental protection, city sanitation and landscape development. It is the winner of "China Human Settlements and Environment Award". Qingdao is a sailing city in China. The 29th Olympic sailing regatta will be held here in 2008. Qingdao is one of the 14 coastal cities opening up to the outside world and one of the eight cities authorized to hold international conferences. Qingdao is one of China 's major seaports for foreign trade. Qingdao is an important base for marine science research in China.

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