Descriptive Essay About Quito

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Beneath the towering volcanoes, amidst the cobblestone streets, churches, and Spanish plazas, and away from the fray of the tourist centers, lies Quito. A destination whose heart and soul resides in its neighborhoods and communities, the city’s vibrant up-and-coming districts are ushering in a new contemporary era for Ecuador’s capital.

A distant cry and flicker away from the barrio of past centuries, Quito dares you to step off the beaten path and delve into the art, culture, and character of an emerging, international destination. For a resplendent view into Quito that takes you past the tourist traps, spend some time discovering these hot spots in the center of the world.

Exploring on foot puts you at the center of the action, but the city’s length and breadth necessitates a smarter mode of transportation. From the New Town, there is a “Hop On, Hop Off” bus with stops around the city, leading to fun days juxtaposed by the historic and the modern. Purchase a ticket in the shops of the Mariscal, or at the stops in the areas that the double decker bus visits.

The Artesian Market-An Adventure in Shopping

Bustling with vendors in indigenous garb selling multihued wool sweaters, vivid watercolor prints, patterned alpaca blankets, and jewelry from stalls stacked high with merchandise; the experience gives you a perspective that tells a tale dating back to the Spanish occupation. The market is blocks away from the expansive El Hijo park at the start of new town, where

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