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Sai Gon, now called Ho Chi Minh city, is known as a city of youth, vibrant with modern life. Sai Gon is the most beautiful when the night comes, that’s true. To perfectly enjoy a gorgeous, wonderful Sai Gon’s nightlife, rooftop bar is a perfect choice. It can provide you the best view from above, an airy and spacious space. Especially,each rooftop bars at Sai Gon have their own unique style, features, which will satisfy you in its own way. Here is top 7 rooftop bars in Sai Gon that I think everyone visit this city should take a look at. They maybe have some high price but with great service, stylish ambience, I’m sure it’s worth every penny you spend.

1. Chill sky bar
This is probably one of the few bars has the most romantic and primest position in Sai Gon. The whole city looks like being fit in your eyes when you stand in Chill Sky Bar, which sits on the 25th floor of Saigon’s AB Tower. It’s hard to find any minus points of this bar because it is completely fine in all aspects, from the food to the services, everything is all lavish and perfect. The cocktails here are always reached “10 quality points” by stylish customers. Chill has cool and stylish DJs, the music they play is good and even a little mysterious, make you just want to dance, to be sank into it. This bar is suitable for couples, friends gathering, tourists who come for the great views, taking photos. Please remember that before going in there, you need to wear

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