Descriptive Essay About Santorini

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Santorini is famous for the most beautiful sunset, colorful beaches, best wines and rich history If you are looking for something new in Greece - visit the island of Santorini. It is Verme that with your eyes you can see these beautiful snow-white houses of the most rooftop roofs in the world that you 've seen so many times in the tourist guides. Santorini offers its visitors much more than the usual tourist attractions. Here you can discover an authentic world and enrich your experiences based on local geology, history, gastronomy and culture. From here you will bring memories of a lifetime. Santorini belongs to the group of Cyclades (Greeks call it Tira) a name that indicates a group of volcanic islands of which Snorini is the largest. It is located in the Aegean Sea halfway between Athens and Crete, about 200 km south-east of the Greek mainland. With its multicolored walls that overflow over the caldera immersed in the sea, Santorini is like a giant stacked cake. The main island of Tira will take your breath away with its snow-white Cyclades, which, as ice carriers, climb down a cliff. When the sun sets, gold and orange reflection on the buildings is truly spectacular. Neretko tourists come to one day on Santorini just to watch the sunset Santorini has long been a tourist secret. He attracts many tourists for most of the year. The island has a rich history as evidenced by the Minoan site of Akrotiri, as well as the traditional village of Oia on the top of the hill.

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