Descriptive Essay About Seattle

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About Seattle

Seattle is the largest city in Washington and in the northeastern part of the US. In 2013, 652 thousand people lived in Seattle. Population of the city along with the suburbs is more than 3.4 million people. This area is caller Great Seattle. Thus, Seattle constitutes the 15th largest metropolitan area in the United States and the largest in the northeast of the country.

Seattle is located in 182 kilometers to the south of the Canadian border on the isthmus between the system of Puget Sound to the west and Lake Washington on the east. Puget Sound stretches from north to south for more than 150 km kilometers. This is a huge natural harbor with lots of picturesque islands. A wide 120-kilometer strait connects Puget Sound and the Pacific Ocean. Olympic Peninsula is located to the west of Puget Sound. Mountains of this peninsula protect Seattle from the winds and storms of the Pacific Ocean.

The city was founded in 1869. Now, it is a commercial, cultural and scientific center with a developed economy. Port of Seattle is among the ten largest ports in North America and is the main gateway for trade with Asia. Surrounded by mountains, forests and water, Seattle can boast with stunning nature and a mild climate.
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Such long-distance trains are very often delay for a couple hours. If the delay is not frustrating, passengers can arrive to Seattle even from California. There are several Amtrak routes that serve Seattle. The first one is the Cascades, which links Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver, British Columbia. Trains run four times a day to Portland and two times a day to Vancouver. Amtrak also offers additional route from Seattle to Vancouver and from Portland to Eugene. To take this train passengers should use Amtrak Thruway Motorcoach. Trains on these routes offer such services as laptop outlets, "Bistro Car" and spaces for bikes, which are not available on regular Amtrak

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