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“Ynes The Shy Girl”— this was how I was commonly recognized to be, back when I was yet a young student in elementary school. I was the typical shy and reserved little girl, who teachers and classmates constantly spotted sitting alone in the corner of the room. However, unlike any other timid girl, rather than this being some sort of issue that affected my years in elementary school, being shy to me meant nothing at all. Not in the least, can I recall a moment where I regarded my shyness as a setback, because this meekness of mine had in no way made me feel miserable whatsoever. I was never sad nor was I ever disregarded. I was shy, nonetheless I came through happily and I got along normally, just as every other student did. Being shy was merely it, and that was okay.

This was me for how many years of my life— the girl who only seldom spoke a phrase, or even at the least uttered the simplest word, or the lonesome girl in the cramped elementary school. Every day, classmates would stop by to greet me a simple “Hello!”, yet every sole time this happened, I repeatedly rejected their greetings, and freely resumed with my day. Occasionally, I would be asked to come and join the lunch table with the rest of my classmates, nevertheless I chose to refuse, as I repeatedly did. Throughout
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Subsequently, the next school year, I mingled with amazing individuals who now have become my admirable group of friends. In addition, I joined the Citizens Army Training (CAT) to become an officer, which unquestionably brought me out of my comfort zone as it required leadership and authority. On the consecutive school year, I gained an academic award once more and began putting my leadership skills into practice. I then received a certificate for becoming a second honor student and took higher initiative on my fifth year of high

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