Descriptive Essay About Singapore

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Around the world, there are countless breathtaking and beautiful destinations that everyone dreams of. Usually, people want to experience the Leaning Tower of Pisa or the Eiffel Tower, because of their well-known structures. A country that would never strike someone as amazing as these other attractions is Singapore. I am interested in Singapore because of its appealing views of non-inhibited islets and unbelievable cutting-edge gardens. Singapore is located in Southeast Asia, neighboring Malaysia and Indonesia. This country has more than 63 islets and is home is one of the largest ports in the world. This small island city-state contains various cities and towns across the 278 square miles of land. More than 5.607 million people occupy this small island. Singapore is a city-state; therefore, its name and capital city are both Singapore. A common nickname for the city Singapore is Pulau Ujong. Popular cities in Singapore include, Sentosa Island, Pulau Ujong and Serongoan. Each of these cities encompass a variety of unique buildings and activities for tourists to explore. The cities of Singapore have diverse and fascinating attractions, ranging from nature parks and monasteries to futuristic gardens. The island of Pulau Ujong has iconic Singapore destinations. There are various attractions on this island, such as The Garden by the Bay, the Helix Bridge and the Singapore Flyer. Each attraction is popular and futuristic. Serangoon, Singapore is known for its

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