Personal Narrative: My Journey (Snowboarding)

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Snowboarding, like any other sport, one must be thinking at all times, analyzing situations, making split decisions, and making quick calculations. Before my trip, I had only flown on an airplane once, never by myself, I have never seen a mountain so big, and I had zero experience snowboarding. If I only knew then what I know now, I would have entered this new experience with more confidence in myself. Before my trip to Utah, I had only flown on an airplane once before, and now I was going to fly alone. I was going to meet my father who was already in Utah for a business trip. I was very stoked about it until I reached the airplane gate with my Mother. I was suddenly overcome with fear, my face turned beet red and my knees locked up. When my gate was called, knowing my mother, she was probably contemplating me not going because I was so scared. But she knew I would be alright and put me on the plane. I sat in the window seat so I could see out the window. Soon enough the plane started to get ready for takeoff, and every second seemed…show more content…
The wind seemed to chill me to the bone. I fought through the biting cold wind and put on my snowboard. Almost immediately I could tell that I had improved. Unlike the day before, I thought about what I was taught in my lesson and surprisingly, it all worked. Not before long I was shredding the slopes with speed and grace. I had a lot more confidence in my ability and it was clear because I was not falling down all the time like I was the day before. This learning experience and the experiences leading up to it, made me realize that if I just have more confidence in myself I can accomplish anything. If present me went back in time to my younnger self, I would say to not worry about what could go wrong and have some faith in myself. Since I have learned this lesson I am a more independent person and I am a very avid
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