Descriptive Essay About Soccer Game

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Imagine being in a place where you’re happy, stress free and don’t have to worry about anything except the things that are happening at the moment. Well to me, a place like that is on the soccer field. I enjoy playing soccer a lot and everytime i play i feel amazing. Whenever i play I don’t have to worry about school, hw, etc. I just focus on the game and try my best to have a good time. People have a special place where they don’t have to worry about anything and the soccer field is my place. If you don’t enjoy playing soccer then you wouldn’t feel the same emotions i have towards the game. The feeling is amazing, you feel all the adrenaline going through your body. Its pumping through your blood stream. Playing and actually trying your best feels way different then just playing and trying to get it over with. When you’re actually trying you want to play better and help your team win, but when you don’t, you try not to get involved as much like when you receive the ball you just either pass it to someone else or you just kick it out of the way. If you try your best and enjoy the game then you will have a good time even if you lose.
Tournaments are so much fun because you get to play teams that you don’t play at all and that makes it exciting. You never know if the team is good or trash. All teams play different so that also makes it exciting. If you make it to the finals in a tournament then that means your team. There are also different kind of tournaments. Like in
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