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My soccer career Soccer is all about the team. A community of people where the success of each individual depends on the efforts of all, and vice versa. Therefore, it is not possible to become a successful player if you are an egoist or egomaniac. The most essential quality of player’s soul is a keen sense of community, fellowship with friends, a feeling that you are a part of a pack. You can be sociable or closed, erudite or ignorant, with a great sense of humor or even without it – but it is impossible not be a part of the team. If you give your heart to soccer, you will never be able to completely leave it. One-day soccer will hide under the roof. However, now it does not matter what is the weather, whether the field is soft or hard, icy or wet. Every time I put my kit on, I have a feeling that nothing cannot stop me. I remember my last game the Kuwaiti Division One. Our coach told us: "I hate a defeatist attitude! Fight! Till the end! Do your best, without any hesitation! No step back!”. Then 20 players, the coach, his assistant and the doctor left the locker room, sullenly and intently praying. One by one out of the locker room and marched to the tunnel leading to the pitch. Confident gait was creating a combative attitude. We crossed the dark part of the corridor and got out onto the lawn. From a distance it seemed entirely green. But it was enough to come closer to see at least three different types of grass and pits. 638 fans were waiting for us, they already took

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