Descriptive Essay About Strange People

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Where were they? This was getting weird. My parents said that they would be back two hours ago. The last thing I remember anyone saying was mom telling me to “Be careful, we’ll be back by 9 o’clock.” Come to think of it, she looked worried. Like something was troubling her. What if they were going somewhere else, and not to dinner, I wondered. This was starting to worry me. They’d most likely get home and second and I would have been crying over spilt milk. I yawned. It was late. There’s no point waiting on them though... I’ll see them tomorrow. I decided to hit the sack and found myself dozing off as soon as my head hit the pillow. Suddenly, I awoke to a loud noise. I sat bolt upright and locked out of my window, and there was a man staring through it. What’s he doing? He’s got to be off his rocker! I watched him for a while. He stared right back at me without blinking. In a sudden movement he turned around and disappeared into the trees at the edge of my yard. I was dead tired after staring down that weird guy. I was expecting to sleep like a log after being up all night, but I started sweating and having what felt like hot flashes. I was kind of sitting on the fence hot and sweaty, trying to decide if I should get water or just try to sleep a little longer. Eventually, I decided to get water, so I got up and opened the door. That’s when I saw it. A blast of heat nearly knocked me off my feet. I hurriedly closed the door and prepared to jump out my window because what

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