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Fast food has become the sought-after food for younger generations; it is affordable, accessible, and tasty. Hence, when I moved in to a place near Subway, I thought I should check it out. I was fascinated by the different items on the menu, the friendly staff and the stylish ambience. And the most reviews about subway are commendation. Since the first time I try subway I constantly eat there because of their delicious and healthy food, their convenient locations, cost, the size of the restaurant, friendly staff. Subway is quite different from the other fast food chains; its reputation as the “healthy fast food” restaurant attracts customers who are conscious about their caloric intake. When I visited Subway, I wanted to try the tuna sandwich because it is one of the most popular entrees at Subway. Subway attempts to make fast food products healthier by focusing on fast food with lower calories, such as sandwiches, rather than fries and greasy chicken. Availability of fresh juices and coffee also attracted customers who do not want to consume high-caloric beverages such as sodas. The products are low in calories in comparison to similar products from other fast food chains. For example, the turkey breast sandwich has 280 calories, while other sandwiches from other restaurants have over 500 calories. Subway uses fresh wheat bread and low-fat condiments to reduce the calories in the products, and while Subway products are lacking in fat, they are rich in protein and fiber

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