Write A Descriptive Essay About Suzeek

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SUZYQUE RESCUE On an early spring morning, Suzyque is born in a small garage in the heart of the city where she lives for almost a year. Suzyque (can be pronounced Suzy Q or Suzeek, whichever you prefer) is a small orange-gold brown tortoise-shell kitty. She has four white feet, a soft white tummy, bib and neck, and a dark spot on her lower lip that looks like lipstick. Oh, and she has a yellow silken spot on her right ear that is luminescent in the sunshine. Suzy Q is almost grown now and lives in a corner of the garage where she sleeps on a soft old rug. The nice man who comes to work each morning puts out a cup of water and some food on a small plate. “Thank you,” meows Suzy. She considers herself to be a polite, smart kitty, even though she has not travelled beyond her own neighborhood. He turns on a radio and music…show more content…
Suzy Q calms down when the box is set on the floor. A shelter person lifts her from the box and places her in a small cage. Now, she is curious. She is surrounded by other cages with cats, big and small, male and female of every color. “Whoa,” she thinks in surprise, “I’ve never seen so many cats!” Suzy Q sits down and looks around the room. She notices a big black cat reclining on a ledge above her. He stares down at her with large yellow eyes. He looks important. She feels intimidated and considers her situation, “Uh oh, I better leave him alone. He’s very big, and I’m so small.” Next to him is an older back and white female who looks bored, but accessible. “Hello” enquires Suzy timidly, “Can you tell me why all of us are here?” The docile cat licks her left paw and meows curtly, “Get used to it.” She glances at the big black cat, “We’ve been here a long time.” Suzy Q decides to keep to herself for now and, instead, starts to preen and bathe herself. Later, maybe she will try to talk to the black and white female
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