Descriptive Essay About Sydney City

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According to The Economist 2011, “Sydney is the world’s most liveable city.” Being the largest city of Australia, she is considered to be among the top 10 cities to live in. Considering the quality and reasonable living expenses in Sydney, it is considered one of the most popular destination for tourism and world class living. The delightful food scene, unending days at the beach and Sydney 's indigenous culture and history is so often unperceivable in plain sight.

The city hosted the Summer Olympics in 2000, which renovated its streets and public areas, becoming one of the most fascinating, modern and breath-taking cities today. The most recognizable architectural feat of this period is the world-renowned Harbour Bridge. The magneficient Opera House located next to the Harbour Bridge, looking over the Sydney Harbour, is also one of the most iconic symbols of Australia. Port Jackson, which embraces the notable Sydney Harbour, is edged by numerous coves and tributaries, sandy bluffs, parkland and cliff top houses. Dotted by various islands, the Harbour captivates the attention of travellers across the globe. On any day, the harbour is engulfed with crystal clear waters and dotted with hundreds of sailing boats, cruise boats and ferries.

The alluring beaches and marvellous outdoor amusement grant a remarkable experience to live in the city. Water sports facilities located at the beaches of Bondi and Manly, enveloped by barbeque areas, parks, roads and pubs,

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