Descriptive Essay About Thanksgiving Dinner

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The Thanksgiving dinner
Sarah hurry up we need to go! my mom said. I checked to see if I had all my things. Phone check. Headphones check. I think it 's all I need, I said to myself. I went to the car quickly and we got started on going to my aunt’s house. I thought to myself as we were going to the house, I hope that it won 't last long and I can go back to what I need to do. What if we stay there too long? I really don’t want my relatives to be nosy into my life and how 's it going. I wanted to catch up on the tv shows that I need to watch, do my homework, watch youtube and tons of stuff I need to get done before the weekends. “ why did we have to go this.” I thought to myself.

As my uncle was pulling up to the house, I thought to myself “ let 's get this over with.” We had gathered the food and piles of things in the trunk to take into the house. My sister rang the doorbell and I heard footsteps. A second later my aunt came to the view and said to my mom, “ Hello! I 've haven 't seen you guys for a while. Well, come on! As she encouraged us to go into the house and make ourselves
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As they were talking my cousin came into the view and said to us, “ do you guys wanna play Mario Kart? “ My sister and I looked at each other and we knew the answer. We said yes. Then he stood up and went to turn on the tv and sat below us. As he started talking about the game and how to play it, I thought “ well this is going to be a long day” I mentally sighed in my head and already knew that this is just the beginning. After he explained all the rules and how to play it, we actually played the game and he was boasting about him being in the 1st place and I was really starting to get annoyed. A good hour has passed and he said he had another game to play with and I mentally prayed to please stop this as we will start to do the same thing he did and it will be very annoying. My prayers were answered and he got distracted by his mom saying something
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