Descriptive Essay On Black Hills

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After exploring the Black Hills, I fell in love with the open land. The suburbs of Minneapolis are inferior to the Black Hills in every way. The night sky was, by far, the most stunning difference that I noticed. I sat outside every night by the bonfire talking to the group while stargazing because I could see twice as many stars as I could back home. Due to the fact that I am no stranger to enjoying the outdoors, I felt right at home during the two week vacation. It was only about one month before I started counting down the days until the first day of the vacation. I remember the first day exceedingly well. The beaten trail was used by many but for me, I was mesmerized by the beauty of the landscape. It felt like we were countless miles…show more content…
We repeat a pattern of: go out, explore new trails, get lost, and somehow find our way back each time, but today is different. Today we are going to Custer’s Peak, this is the moment I have been waiting for all week. Ever since I got here, the locals and other people in my group have been telling me that the view here is something unlike anything back in Minnesota. It takes us about 20 minutes of driving up a steep incline but now we are at the top and this is, by far, the best view I have ever seen. I was told this was one of three huge fire watch towers so I can see for many miles is each direction. There is a sign telling us to not climb the side of the stair to the very top. So, we decide we have to climb it because we do not known how long until we get the chance to come back. When we do, we hear a radio that says “please get down” and we start to get worried because we are just now noticing the other sign that tells us we are under surveillance. Once we read that, we start climbing down as fast as possible and make our way back to the four wheelers that are about 100 feet away. This is an adrenaline filled moment but sometimes breaking the rules will lead to the best
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