Descriptive Essay About The Castle

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In a country where its borders touch the sea, there is a giant castle, in the center of a grand hall of that castle a beautiful teenage girl is standing, with his beautiful sky blue hair that go down to her shoulders and pink diamond eyes, her face has a slight frown for the seriousness in her face that made difficult to approach, around her, there were people that were wearing high class clothes and were whispering to themselves.

Above these people was a man and a woman, the man with blond almost white short hair and piercing blue eyes, he has a big crown in his head made of gold and is wearing a black outfit with some touches of white, a fancy sword and around his shoulders a red cape with the white cotton part in the edges, the woman has braided yellow hair like gold that goes to her left shoulder and a pair of emerald green eyes, in her head a tiara made of gold, and she is wearing a fancy red dress with makeup that made her skin as white as porcelain.

They 're both sitting on thrones made of gold, under them a red carpet that to go down by stone stairs and end in the middle of the hall, only a step before the girl with blue hair and pink eyes.

The blue haired girl had her hair in a mess, she had handcuffs and a beautiful fancy dress was now in a dirty condition, still with all this one could say that the girl is beautiful.

In a corner of the hall far away of the people, stood eight people, four teenage boys and four teenage girls. One boy have the same color of hair
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