Personal Narrative Essay: Joe's House

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The House Ever since Joe had moved to Connecticut, we didn’t really talk much anymore. It’s really hard having your best friend pretty much taken out of your life, it takes its toll on you. It took a long time to adjust to school, and hanging out with different people . It had been year now, and we’ll text maybe like once a week. The truth is that I haven't fit well with the new private school I go to, getting along with the people that go there is very difficult, and I’ve been finding myself getting in trouble often for various reasons. I’m really starting to miss the good old times with Joe whether it was being the dynamic duo on the basketball team, or us at least getting trouble together. This was why I was so thrilled when my parents agreed to drive me to Joe’s house for the weekend. I needed a break from Pennsylvania, and was very appreciative of my parents to be willing to make the 6 hour drive to connecticut. I was so excited to go see him and his…show more content…
Joe’s house was also in font a bunch of woods which I guess was pretty cool. As soon as the car stopped opened the door as fast as possible, and waiting there at on his front porch was Joe. I gave him a huge hug, as it had been so long. A couple seconds after his parents came out to greet my parents and I. After saying hi to everybody, Joe and I went to the basement while our parents talked. Joe and I just caught up with each other while we both played a new game on his Ps4. We talked about a lot good memories we had. I remember Joe telling me that he hated his new school and that most everybody there he doesn’t connect with. I guess we could relate with something about school. At about 7, Joe’s parents came down to the basement to tell us that they’d be going out tonight into the city, and they wouldn’t be home until

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