The Meme Short Story

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The Meme It all started on a sunny September morning at my house when Maylani an Bella hugged me like we live 200,00 miles part or something. Then Maylani squealed, "Hey Ariana!" wearing her comfortable Crocs. Bella waved and smiled with her beautiful dimples on her cheeks. I told them to come in while my mom gets her purse. we waited forever just to get her purse. She then came out and we all hopped in the Ford Explorer. Maylani shouted, "Hey Mrs.Varela" "Hello Maylani," my mom answered back. Bella and I chuckled so hard we couldn 't stop.…show more content…
The principle said that he would only call us up if he knew who made the meme. We knew they found somebody we were all shaky and nervous to find out who it was. wen we got to the empty office the door was closed we asked the secretary what we do she responded that he would be right out. After our nerves calmed down the principle who was wearing a navy blue suit with a red tie called us in and when we came in we saw the girl who made the idea of the meme and who sent it to everyone. She had straight hair, braces, and glasses. At was the quietest girl among her group of friends. Her name was Amber. She had a smirk on her face and apologized. Amber muttered "i was just jealous of you and wanted to be cool because the cool people do bad stuff." After talking for a while Bella, Maylani, the moms and I went and ate at corner

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