Frankenstein's Monster-Personal Narrative

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As I looked through my window I saw the hideous monster with a terrifying grin on his face. He was here to check on my progress of his friend to be. I was horrified and questioned my promise I made to him. I thought to myself, How could I possibly make another one of these gruesome creatures, the first of which already killed two people and had learned my language? The one question I had was what else was this abomination capable of? This question constantly vexed me and ultimately forced me to continue my work for this monster. I was frightened that this monster may go on a rampage and kill everything I hold dear. The only thing I had left to put on this new female monster was the arms. I went back to my lab and gathered the remaining pieces…show more content…
I went into the tent where all the sick children were and I was horrified by how many there were. Twenty children all had pus oozing out the there face from warts and look like they were on their last breath. I set to work thinking of all the possible diseases and how I put the monster together. I picked the monster with the least amount of warts and tried scraping all the pus and popping the warts but that did nothing but make it worse. I spent days trying to cure them and I was sure my family was worried. When I walked outside to get some fresh air I saw my family tied to a post. I immediately asked what happened and the monsters said they were stalking them. I was now completely outraged. How dare they do this to my family? I will get my revenge. When they came to I went to them and explained the situation and that I had a plan to get out, fight. When the sun fell and the moon rose we started our attack we went hut to hut lighting them on fire and when they were all lit ablaze we heard the most terrifying noise a scream only a true monster would have we turned and saw the mother. She came tearing through the forest after us killing one of us when she caught one. When it was just me and Elizabeth left we came to a dead end and the mother knew as she was right behind

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