Descriptive Essay About The Pool Of Water

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The pool of water was like none that I had ever seen before. The sun reflected off its silvery surface in a rainbow of dazzling colours. I dropped a pebble into the pool, expecting to see a multitude of ripples rippling from the point of entry- but the pebble simply disappeared. Curious, I stretched down, extending my finger to touch the metallic surface. The moment I touched the water it sent a feeling of amazement through my nervous system. It also made a cold chill run through my finger to every corner of my brain, a hazy feeling that I couldn’t understand well, it wasn’t metallic as I had expected it to be. The water temperature was exactly the same as my body. “ That my friends is the very special lake that I was talking about” began Professor Thomas, “ Its chemical bonding is a a little different form the normal fresh water we drink or the salt water that has covered 70% of the earth’s surface explained Professor Thomas. “Then why did the pebble I threw sunk straight away instead of bouncing a bit” boomed Jax. He was the sort of person that had been giving headaches to the teachers he came across. I don’t even perceive how he even got to the first chemistry class in high school. “ Well thats because of the chemical bonding, it has a difference in chemical bonding so the gravity is a little more strong than the rest meaning it suck anything that it gets ahold of” explained Professor Thomas. “ Now now everybody please don’t fool with the water , every one of you had

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