Personal Narrative Essay: The Beach

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The sea I have always liked watching appa and his friends taking out the day’s catch from the net. It was something very exciting to me; there was always something new that I found. Either a fish that I had not seen before, or some interesting coral rock, or some drift wood. When I found a drift wood it always made me wonder about how it got here. From where did its journey begin? How long has it been out there being shaped by the sea? If I liked anything that I found, I asked appa and added it to my collection. I started my collection long ago; I don’t remember when, and now I have got all sorts of things in it: shells, corals, drift woods, some bones… pretty much anything that one can find on the beach. My best friend’s name was Shiva. Shiva…show more content…
We waited long, but the net lay motionless. Luckily it was not a hot day. Shiva, at first lying on the raft, fell asleep. After waiting for what seemed to me like an hour, I realize that we were further out at sea than before. I looked at the shoreline and it was just a thin line on the horizon. I shook Shiva to his senses and we both started rowing as fast we could towards the beach. The sun turned orange, and we had hardly made any progress. Every time we stopped rowing the current just pushed us back out. Overcome by panic we continued rowing. We rowed for long, we put our backs into it, but the sea so effortlessly kept pushing us back. It was the first time that I felt how dangerous the sea could be, it was the first time that the one I had admired all my life was fighting against me. I felt so weak, so petty, so scared. Finally we could move no more. We just gave up and fell flat on the raft. My body ached. I didn’t know what to do. I lay there desperately looking at the shoreline. As I looked I saw the vague figure of a boat approaching us. As it came closer I saw that appa was standing at its helm. I sighed with relief, but I knew that though we were no more in danger of the sea, appa’s wrath lay
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