The Troubled House Short Story

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The Troubled House
The ear piercing screams, sobs, and slamming doors filled the silent house. My world was crashing down around me, and I felt helpless. Frozen in fear and silently sobbing in the stiff brown recliner; I couldn’t do anything but pray, and squeeze my eyes closed to try to forget what I’ve only seen on television has become my reality.
Stress was building greater every minute of intense discussing; until, it turned into a heated argument. I could hear the stompes on the ceiling above me as my father was heavily pacing. It has been like this for a few days now, but everything flew off the handle in this one argument because of all the stress. The closet door slammed as a husky voice yelled, “How this possibly going to work!”
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I didn’t wanna leave the peacefulness, but I realized that my toes were frozen from only having my thin colorful socks on. I reluctantly let him pick me up, and carry me to the door. We both took one last look at the trees, and took a deep breath bracing ourselves. We were about to walk back into a war zone.
When we walked in it was dead quiet, with only the dull clank of the door closing behind him. He lowered me down onto the cool cement. We put our coats back on the racks and slowly walked up the stairs. At the top we saw our parents sitting at the table drinking tea. My mother noticed us as she rose to get a refill. She grew a small smile and asked us to sit down. I trudged over to the table waiting for bad news, but surprisingly, both my parents were smiling. Our father started, “We wanted to apologize to both of you. It isn't fair of us to have you guys in the middle of our fight.”
After my mother joined speaking in her sweet voice, “We figured everything out, and we also talked about it before you guys came in.” We sat there, talking for almost a half hour about how they were going to make things work. My old family was back. The family that could laugh and joke around about anything. The family who had learned that fights aren't always the ending, but could possibly be the beginning of something
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