Descriptive Essay About The Wedding

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The crowd starts to applaud when the limousine drives up with my mom. But when the black splendid car stops all guests become quite because everyone is so excited of seeing the bride in her wonderful dress. I’m also a bit nervous because my mother hasn’t let me see anything of her outfit before the wedding. The door open and a gorgeously white-silver gleaming dress gets out. Under this gloriously gown a woman on which I have to look twice before I recognize my mom. Her long blond hair is pinned up to a little wreath and her veil goes until the ground. When my dad steps to her side I can see in her smile the happiness about this especially day. During going inside the very old and huge castle with a big park before mum behaves a little bit worried. I think that’s why she has her most important day today and therefore her jumpiness is of cause understandable. When I go into the aged and dreamlike palace mum and dad are sitting in front of the amazing decorated pew. The crowd sits down. Then a men in a dark black coat starts to give his prepared speech to the wedding-society. This talk is so boring that I look around before I fall asleep. The church has three galleries, a very giant pipe organ and an unique adorned altar. During I’m impressed of the location the audience begins to cheer because my parents kiss each other. Afterwards dad puts the golden shiny ring on mum 's finger and mum puts the other ring on dad 's finger. The atmosphere is incredible. During going
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