Personal Narrative: My Life In The Tony West

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People walking the streets, holding banners and signs. Protesting for mixed communities, never before have I seen such rampage between two colors. As I was working at the local diner on the Southside of Downtown Alabama. I noticed one thing, one person, may I say. With his long blonde hair and muscular body, he might have been the most handsome man I’ve seen in this town. That boy I had seen on July 13th, 1950 was indeed the Tony West. As I was walking home that night there were people filled in the streets ready to fight for their rights and freedoms by early dawn. So I had to take the back way. Even though it was 15 more minutes to get home, I liked going that way once in a while there were always new things to see, whether it was new…show more content…
But It’s fine because I don't have any family at least not that I know of. But It’s always nice to see new faces every day and everyone's so nice. As I was pouring Mr. Greens Daily cup of coffee with 3 tbs of sugar and 1/8 of a cup of creamer. This guy I have seen him before he always walks by was so charming. I took the trash out to see if I could get a better look at him. The trash was really heavy since we still haven't taken it out from the food fight we had a week ago. As I was putting the trash in the dumpster I tripped and fell on a rock. “ Watch where you're going there.” I look up thinking it would be some dragged up old man with a gross white tank top with grease on it but no. It was a charming man with a rather cleanliness. “ Sorry, I tripped.” “ No way,” he said with a smirk on his face. I would have asked him out like the flirtatious person I am but there was one problem and it's the worst problem you can have. He's White, I don't even know why he is on this side of town there was any rallies or anything going. But he was stunning one of the most handsome people I’ve ever
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