Descriptive Essay About Torias Land

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Many, many years ago, in a land unlike others known, there was a strawberry. The Strawberry was named Toria and was the most powerful strawberry to be seen. She ruled a land full of people and animals alike who all knew her through something personal. She could be fair but at times she could be harsh and hurtful to the ones that offended someone or thing, but that happened rarely. In this Toria had met someone who was a Captain of a beautiful ship that had sailed all around the world just to see this land, which was rumored to be beautiful. The Captain was notoriously known for stealing every ones hearts but never returning the feelings. Captain, though was a potato, was the most amazing, gorgeous, charming and cunning of them all. When arriving at Torias land, Captain looked around at what lay before them. The water was a beautiful light sea-foam green that was transparent, showing off the colorful sea creatures that lay on the sand below. The grass was a bright green and looked as soft as the pillow laying on The Captains bunk, and the flowers blossomed perfectly and colored to perfect with the reds, blues, pinks, yellows and so on, that showed contrasting with the grass. The sky, oh the sky, the most amazing blue you 'd ever seen that looked like it could go on forever and just lovely with few white, puffy clouds scattering the sky in the most striking way Captain has ever seen. Captain wandered around studying the wild life and the scenery awestruck and in a daze as

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