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As a holiday enthusiast, El Nido Tour A should be at the top of your to-do list. Engulfed in the waters of the Pacific, it represents the one of the top holiday destinations in the world. Life in El Nido is a constant giggle; not many places can evoke charm and happiness as this island haven. Take an El Nido island hopping tour A with our boats and explore the marvels of the island.

Top destinations

Having the destinations you want to visit up on your checklist is one tip of fun traveling. You want to visit places that do not evoke the thrill in you. Here are the top destinations you should visit;

Small lagoon, situated on the bay of Miniloc Island. The small lagoon is accessible through a small space between two limestone walls. The best ways to enter the lagoon
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As you navigate the small lagoon, you will see a big caldera that was a cave back in the days but collapsed. It is now surrounded by cliffs. Viewed from a distance the secret lagoon looks like a small hole; it is secret because you cannot immediately realize there is a lagoon inside the hole but as you get closer you realize the small entrance to it. Inside the small lagoon, you find a pool with deep and shallow parts. The deep part is green colored while the shallow part is green and white in color. If you are not an experienced swimmer, avoid the deep parts as it is 5 to 6 feet deep or better still wear a safety jacket.
Shimizu Island is an island with beautiful limestone cliffs famed for the production of the popular swiftlet bird 's nest soup believed by the locals to have healing properties. The island is named after a Japanese diver who explored the underground to tunnels of the island. The island is home to different kinds of fish species that form a beautiful sight as they swim through the clear waters. At the island, you get to enjoy the local cuisine and compete in a game of snorkel at a close coral

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