Descriptive Essay On Tyrannosaurus

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A massive skeleton of the Tyrannosaurus stands tall a few feet from the entrance making it the first thing you see when you walk in. It looks about as tall as two stories of a building. Although it 's frozen I can 't help but get an unnerving feeling when I look at its carnivorous looking teeth and long-nailed claws. It 's skeleton is well looked after, it looks polished and smooth like glass. Due to aging it has lost some of its bones, and the remaining have been kept intact using screws, which makes it look a little less scary. When standing next to it I feel like an ant next to a human. On the side of the skeleton is a large rough rock with a deep mark on it big enough for me to lie in, by reading the card next to it I realise that is its footprint.

The interior of the museum is as much looked after as the Tyrannosaurus. Maybe even better because the surfaces are without
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Manoeuvering between them are fish of different sizes. Some look big enough to feast on the rest. Each speci has it 's own unique body designs that distinguishes them from each other. I see every colour on the colour spectrum but the most dominant being aqua, ultramarine, turquoise, indigo and emerald. A few highlights of magenta and scarlet left me marvelling for longer than anticipated. These fish are no strangers to each other, with not much sound there is constant interaction between them with a peck on the lips each time they come across each other. The atmosphere is the total opposite with the one I had just witnessed with the turtles.

With the undistracted staring something catches my eye, a spitting image of the cartoon fish "finding Nemo" swims across and I can 't help but follow it with my eyes as it moves effortlessly through the crystal clear water. Patterns of what seem like stripes of strong orange and white are drawn artistically on its body with touches of black on its fins which accentuates its
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