Descriptive Essay About Unristovor Mann

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It had never dawned on me that one day I would be having something I consider to be the worst date of my existence. To this day I do not think that any date can compare to the events that occurred on that warm Sunday evening. Let it be known that Trevor Mann has yet to receive a phone call since said “worst date ever.” Never would I think that dinner and a movie could go so wrong until August 9th, 2015. The day was Wednesday, August 5th when I had the pleasure of crossing paths with the great “Trevor Mann,” the guy every girl wishes she can one day become acquainted with the way I did. As it was still hurricane season in Florida, the Humane Society that I on most occasions volunteer for, was experiencing a rather wet afternoon. The smell of wet fur and grass filled the air as I made my way to the main office, to receive my volunteer hours. As I was approaching the office, being the uncoordinated person I consider myself to be, I stumbled on my own feet, falling upon the muddy ground, ruining my once white shirt. It was at that moment that Trevor came at what looked like lightning speed to my assistance, and it was also at that moment that I realized that my face had the amazing ability of turning tomato red. As I tried to constrain the embarrassment that was completely noticeable on my face, Trevor kindly introduced himself as the new volunteer, and helped me back to my feet. Our conversation consisted of my ruined shit, how volunteering works, and my plans for Sunday

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