Descriptive Essay About Walakiri Beach

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1. Walakiri Beach

Walakiri beach is one of the beautiful beaches in East Sumba with typical beach in Sumba that tend to calm, ramps with a stretch of white sand. Located not far from the center of Waingapu City which is about 24 km and can be reached about 30 minutes away, access to Walakiri is very easy that is located not far from the highway towards Melolo, a substantial district in East Sumba.

Walakiri is somewhat unique beach and is the right spot to wait for the sunset. Curiously unique? The dwarf mangrove trees located at the end of the beach are the answer. If the water is at a glance nobody makes superior Walakiri Beach, but wait until the water slightly receded. Silhouette of mangrove trees that wiggle like a dancer makes Walakiri into a unique phenomenon and pamper the eyes.

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Weary and tired to be instantaneous when the roar of the waterfall from a height of about 70 meters it welcomes every visitor. Likewise with a variety of birds that do not want to lose from top pepohan become a rhythm `music 'greeter.

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13. Kambaniru Dam

The dam was built and designed with the aim to irrigate the rice fields of the surrounding population: Mauliru, Kawangu and Kambaniru. Established on September 8, 1992, the Kambaniru Dam is the largest dam in East Sumba that irrigates nearly 1,440 hectares of rice fields. The 1,000 hectare area is allocated for paddy fields and the rest is used for crops.

The beauty of the background in the form of rows of beautiful green hills into a special attraction for the Dam Kambaniru. The combination of the dam water flow and green hills really become a composition that is very pamper the eyes of the visitors.

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Other Attractions in Sumbawa, East Nusa Tenggara

14. Lambanapu Dam

15. Ngedo

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