Descriptive Essay: Alzheimer's Deprawl

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The door of my green Focus latches. The cool autumn air fills my lungs as I stand staring. The gravel underneath my suede boots crunches as I hesitantly march across the driveway. As I walk up the steps I used to run up as a child, I turn to my left and I see her through the window. It had been months. I take a deep breath as I turn the cold handle. I thought to myself “How could I have put this off, I had time.” guilt overwhelmed me. As I step through the door tear stained faces of my family greet me. The air is different. It had always been filled with laughter and love but silence is all I could hear. This house has forever changed. As I began to hold her hand I noticed how limp and cold it was, words from the kitchen meet my ear, “Three days at most”. I fight back the tears as her eyes open. “Gram are you okay? I love you so much” I softy said, afraid I may burst into tears. Her frail voice muttered “Yes.” I couldn 't help but smile. She spoke. We held eye…show more content…
Alzheimer 's slowly takes the family member someone once knew very dearly and turned them into someone you only know because of memories. They become someone who fails to recognize their family members, they are not able to care for themselves, they are in their own world, alone, afraid, and confused. I was able to enter my grandma’s world when she lived at home. I was one of the only people who understood her in times of confusion, I helped her feel as if she were the amazing woman she had always been. My grandmother was later admitted into a nursing home when she became a danger to herself at home. I never went to see her. I had time to visit but I chose to be a teenager. I chose football games, work, and friends over a woman who without her I wouldn’t exist. I understood her. She knew that. She knew I was one of the people she could look to for help while searching for a word or an event. I wasn’t there for her. I had time but I chose a social life over my family. I chose a social life over my

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