Myrtle Beach Short Story

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An Adventure at Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is where you can let all of your worries seep away into the ocean like a river. It’s a spectacular place that I love to go to during the summer with my family. The last time that I can remember is six years ago, when I was in 2nd grade. My family and I got ready for a long time to get ready to go there. We spent hours packing to get ready to depart to go to our beachside residence. We would go to all these delicious food chains. Spend almost all of our days at the beach, and walk the boardwalk in the afternoons. The trip took about 8 hours from where we live, all the way to South Carolina.
The year was 2012 and my family were on our way to Myrtle Beach. My brothers and I have been waiting for this
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Sweat streamed off my steaming face as I went to the back of the car. The black concrete seemed to expel all of its heat at me in one big push. I reached my hands under the car to lift the trunk lid up and almost burned my hands off from the excruciating heat. My family certainly overpacked, as the trunk looked as if it were right about to burst! There was so many items in the car, it took my family and I about 15 minutes to unload it all. It probably took my family much longer because we were much younger at the time and we couldn’t nearly carry as much stuff. The moment the door creaked open my brothers burst in and made a beeline to the bedroom. My brothers absolutely love bouncing on top of the beds. My parents absolutely despised it and tried to stop it as soon as possible.
“Stop jumping on the beds this instant! My mother demanded. “You could get hurt or break the beds that we will be sleeping in!”
My brothers replied, “They’re so much fun to jump on though! They bounce you higher than a trampoline and cushion you when you fall down.”
“I brought some treats in the car,” my mother said. “If you stop jumping and help us pack up the car, then you can have some.”
My brothers and my mother argued for quite some time, but in the end they decided to let it go. When the time came, my 5 year old brother and I had to sleep together. Plopping down into my bed, the mattress felt like a thousand feathers condensed
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The beach breeze dropped the temperature and a cool breeze drafted through the beach. Sand is like a soft blanket covering up your feet promising to keep you safe. A wave went up and smacked me in the head. I absolutely hate salt water, it hurts your eyes and makes it hard to see. My brothers were struggling a little bit to go into the water. My middle-aged brother ran back to my mom crying, with the assumption that he had salt water in his eyes. The waves splashed and thundered across the empty sand floor. just a few minutes I was diving head first into the water. Tearing me from the safe beach to the vast empty void of the sea. Thankfully, I didn’t get pulled too far out. About 10 feet or so, I had the ability to do a slow swim all the way back. For some odd reason however, neither of my parents noticed me get stuck in the sea. Presuming they were still helping my brother, for that matter. The waves sliced through the sand identically to a soldering piece of rusty machinery cutting through metal. Having enough from the sea, I decided to build a sand castle. The steps are fairly easy, first I needed to find a bucket shovel I didn’t care. I located one near the mesh woven bag near my parents. We kept all of our beach items there. Then, I had to grab my bucket and fill it with damp water. Finally, I had to get my shovel, pat it on top, then all the sand came out. Off in the distance
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