Descriptive Essay: Arlington Monument

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The day is bright, sunny, and beautiful as my aunt, uncle, brother and I walk towards the main building to tour the immense and impressive Arlington cemetery, located in Washington D.C. As I approached the main building with my family I noticed the many photos taken during funeral services of past presidents and other important figures in our history. The photos were of John F. Kennedy’s burial service, family that grieved were standing around the casket and soldiers were poised and saluting the flag waiting for the three cannons to ring in the distance; signifying the duty that the president had served. Each photo that I looked at made me feel as if I was there at those important moments in our history; moments of the president’s speeches, important events and parades. Before I could begin to look at other structures that were…show more content…
After about ten minutes the tour bus stopped and I waited as the last person got off and stood up along with the rest of my family. As soon as my feet touched the pavement and I was off the bus I followed the tour guide to a monument that was chained enough to keep visitors away from the monument. The monument was made of cape cod granite that was roughly cut into rectangular blocks and laid into a pattern. Marble slates evenly spaced apart between the stones read president John F. Kennedy’s name along with his wife Jacqueline Kennedy and two of the four children they had, Arabella Kennedy and Patrick Kennedy. Walking on the white cement that went all the way around the monument I watched the eternal flame flicker in the hot heat of the sun.The Eternal Flame was made of the same granite cut into a circular shape with a pipeline of natural gas that ran underneath and an automatic lighter that kept it lit on the top if it were to go

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