Descriptive Essay: Auburn's Nature

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Auburn’s Nature I moved to Auburn when I was just 4 years old, that was 15 years ago. A young child living in a little old town with lots and lots of nothing. At that time Auburn didn’t have a whole lot of chained businesses or places to go when you got bored. It was a very simple small town, nothing fancy at the time. You had your gas stations, the grocery stores, the schools, the banks and so on. I use to see these places every day as my parents drove me to school. Riding in the back seat looking left and right, I remember how different Auburn was back then, all those years ago. There were lots of areas of the town where there would just be dirt and weeds and grass and trees. Those areas in Auburn don’t exist today. Every year since I moved to this town I started to see changes, the grass and dirt would begin to be covered and the trees…show more content…
One example is the Auburn movie theater. It didn’t exist when I first moved here. Instead it was a big open field of grass and trees. It was nature. I remember this because at the time my family was trying to find a new house in Auburn, and the one house that caught their eye was right next to the big field, the soon to be movie theater. It was a massive field of bushes and trees, probably big enough to build a Costco on. Within the next year of getting that new house, the Auburn movie theater was built and all the nature was swept out in the process. Flash forward 14 years and there 's no way you 'd recognize that big field. Today it’s all concrete and asphalt, with a huge parking lot and two different car dealerships surrounding the theater. This is just one example of how the nature in Auburn has been completely swept. The huge field of 15 years ago was just one of many places in the town where nature was overtaken by what felt like a mini modern industrial
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