A Narrative Essay: Banning Smoking In Public Places

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A Narrative/Descriptive Essay Mclainn Diaz & Cara Obas BC12-MM March 2, 2016 “Banning smoking in public places” In our generation today, a lot of people now are engaging themselves in different kinds of things that can pleasure their own selves. Some use drugs to relieve stress; some drink alcohol to forget all the worries and problems which is really not a solution at all, and some smoke just to pleasure themselves. But for young people, they smoke for to look mature, to blend on what their friends are doing or even to experiment. But will you be ready to face all the consequences? Smoking is dangerous to our health. Coughs, colds, wheezing, and asthma are just the start of it. It is also responsible for several diseases such as…show more content…
To begin, our very first point is secondhand smoking. Secondhand smoke is deadly and can cause cancer. It is just deadly when a person had been exposed himself in a smoke in public places for a long time. One of the negative effects of smoking in public areas can affect other people lives because the smoke that you’ve been exhaling is the same smoke that others is been inhaling. You are not just harming your own self but other people’s health as well which turn out to be worst for them. Another aspect of second hand smoke is that it pollutes the atmosphere, which is one of the major problems that most people are complaining, the air pollution. Smokers should isolate their selves in a smoking zone with people who do the same. As well to ensure that it is the only specific area that gets to have the smoke. Second hand smoke is obviously linked with other people’s health; a recent study published in Medical Journal Circulation reviewed 13 studies from around the world that banning of smoking in public place can reduce 36 percent of heart attack hospitalization, regardless of geographical location. The scientific evidence of second hand smoke has also been linked with heart diseases where headache, breathing problems, and nausea were also been documented as one of the effects of temporary exposure to smoke. The bottom line is, smoking in public places can affect the innocent
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