Descriptive Essay Baseball

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I have always been a major baseball enthusiast. I love everything about the sport, from the warm summery season it is played in, to the stocky look of most of the players. Although the sport may not be for everyone, it is definitely a sport to enjoy as a pastime. Watching a baseball game can be fun and , if one is to understand the game, interesting. A few things I always find enjoyable at a baseball game is the fun environment and cheering on my favorite team. One thing that makes the game more interesting and invigorating is the crowds’ elation and anger. I have known this sport my entire life and grew up in a family of baseball fans. It is a relatively easy sport to understand and once you’ve entered the world of baseball, you’ll find that it is difficult to leave behind. A lot of my friends come to a baseball game without actually knowing what is going on or knowing the regulations of the game. To me, the real beauty in baseball is seen when you know all the rules and intricacies, but not everyone thinks that way. Leo Durocher said: “baseball is like church. Many attend, few understand.” I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Durocher, mainly because I usually see most of my friends and lots of other people attending obviously not for the purpose of enjoying the game but for the sake of getting together with friends. Even if people are missing out on an opportunity to watch one of the greatest games due to their lack of knowledge, it is still a great and
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